As along-time athlete and landscaper, I knew what I wanted to specialize in before I ever even applied to graduate school. I knew that I wanted to help people improve their performance and live healthy,active lives without pain. This led me to seek out the best continuing education sources that I could find and spend countless hours pouring over the scientific literature on orthopedic acupuncture while I was still a student at New York Chiropractic College. The goal was to hit the ground running, already specialized.

My studies and many teachers led me to blend trigger point dry needling with neurofunctional acupuncture. I have found that this approach produces the best results for treating most types of pain and restoring muskuloskeletal function. I have used this integrated style to successfully treat patients of all ages and walks of life,from children to grand parents, office workers, weekend warriors to high level strength athletes and members of the AHL and NHL.

I am very grateful for everything I have learned, but believe that it is too important not to share. So, in 2015, I co-founded Chinese Medicine That Works, Ltd. to offer classes in the most up-to-date,evidence based acupuncture and herbal techniques available. CMTW has grown to be one of the *LEADING* providers of continuing education to acupuncturists and chiropractors in the Western world. Our courses regularly draw professionals from all over North America an Europe, as well as Israel, South Africa and Australia.

I currently teach Dry Needling, Advanced Orthopedic Needling, Electro-Acupuncture and Physical Assessment through CMTW. I also have the honor of assisting my teacher, Dr. Anthony Lombardi in his US and Canada workshops. I am tirelessly involved on the state and national level, and am a leading advocate for the acupuncture profession – including the use of Dry Needling by acupuncturists. When I am not teaching or practicing, I enjoy CrossFit, cross country running, hiking and kayaking.

Our Specialties

Back Pain

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Neck Pain

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