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  • Our acupuncturist specializes in neck pain, foot pain, sports injuries, and more.
  • Pain experienced in the back can be grueling and can leave you down and out for months. Acupuncture can speed up your recovery from back pain.
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Directions to Our Clinic

Our Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture office is conveniently located on South Bay Road. To drive from Pompey, hop on I-81 North, exit onto U.S. 11, and head south onto South Bay Drive. Our clinic is on the left. It’s a bit of a longer journey, about 24 miles, but it will definitely be worth it.

Located about 17 miles south of Syracuse, Pompey is the most inhabited spot in Onondaga County. The town offers a very homey vibe and appeal. Numerous active communities participate in a variety of social gatherings. Pompey’s vast landscapes offer solitude and comfort along with natural beauty and a unique historical heritage. For more information about the city, click here.  

About Pompey

General Information

  • Population: approximately 7,000
  • Longitude/latitude: 42°53’56”N 76°00’57”W
  • Zip codes: 13138, 13078, 13104
  • Highway 20 runs along the southern side of town.
  • The best place to stay while visiting Pompey is The Brewster Inn, a 19th-century lakeside inn just a quick drive east via Highway 20 on Ledyard Avenue.
  • The nearest airport is the Syracuse Hancock International Airport, located at 1000 Col Eileen Collins Boulevard about 24 miles north.

Pompey may be a fairly smaller town, but there are still many recreation centers within the town boundaries, along with some nearby popular attractions.

Top 5 Things to Do in Pompey

  • The Pompey Club is a leisurely golf club located on Hamilton Road.
  • Pratt Falls is a gorgeous local park located on Pratt Falls Road where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and a peaceful afternoon.
  • Hilltop Ice Cream on Cherry Street is a favorite local hangout to enjoy sweet treats.
  • The Toggenburg Mountain Ski Center is a ski resort located on Toggenburg Road in Fabius, NY, just a short 7 mile drive south of Pompey.
  • Song Mountain Resort is another popular ski resort located on Soung Mountain Road in Tully, NY, about 13 miles southwest of Pompey.

Notable Residents

  • William Avery, who was the inventor and manufacturer who built the first American steamboat.
  • William George Fargo, founder of Wells-Fargo and mayor of Buffalo.
  • Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott, who was the first woman journalist employed by the New York Times.

Nearby Suburbs

Syracuse is bounded by Highway 20 to the south, Henneberry Road to the east, and Sweet Road to the west.  

  • Lafayette is just to the west
  • Fabius is to the south
  • Cazenovia is to the east
  • Manlius is located to the north

Other Interesting Facts

  • The Pompey Hill Fire Department, located at 7407 Academy Street, serves the communities within Pompey.
  • The town of Pompey is part of four separate school districts: Faius-Pompey Central School District, Fayetteville-Manlius Central School District, Jamesville-Dewitt Central School District, and Cazenovia Central School District.
  • Two locations in Pompey are listed in the National Register of Historic Places: the Oran District No. 22 Schoolhouse on Junction NY 92 and Drover’s Tavern located on Pompey Hollow Road.

Public Transport

Pompey is a small town with few public transportation options other than local bus services. In order to travel to surrounding suburbs and cities, many people rely on the nearby freeways and highways:

  • Highway 20
  • State Route 91

Town Facts

  • Pompey is located in the country of the United States of America.
  • Pompey is in the state of New York, which is normally shortened to NY.
  • Pompey is located in the southeast part of the county of Onondaga.
  • Founded in 1789, Pompey’s government system is a Town Council. The current Town Supervisor is Carole S. Marsh.