Chinese Herbal Medicine

Millions of Americans are searching for natural healthcare solutions. Many of them are turning to Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a detailed written history going back 1800 years. There’s little wonder that it is a goldmine of clinical knowledge. For instance, as Chinese culture, diet and lifestyle changed, doctors had to change with it and adapt to the novel diseases they were seeing in clinic.

Chinese Herbal prescriptions evolved way beyond using single herbs. Often, anywhere from two to two dozen or more herbs are taken together. Herbs may be combined to produce a synergistic effect or even to help prevent side effects.

Herbal formulas are customized and tailored to the individual patient. For instance, there is no one “migraine formula.” If three patients come to the clinic, all complaining of migraine headaches, they will likely get three very different formulas, based on each of their unique triggers, history and overall clinical presentation.

While herbs are prescribed based on Traditional medical theory, modern research has shown that herbs can have a powerful effect on the human gut microbiome, regulate gene expression, and control inflammation and pain.

Chinese herbal medicine works well in conjunction with acupuncture for many painful conditions like headaches and arthritis. What’s more, herbs even outperform acupuncture for managing symptoms of many chronic recalcitrant conditions like fibromyalgia and autoimmune disease.

We do our utmost to source high quality herbs in our practice. All of our herbs are tested to ensure consistently high concentrations of biologically active compounds and tested for purity (free of pesticide residue, heavy metals and pathogenic microbes). In keeping with our commitment to the environment, we do NOT use substances sourced from protected species and only use herbs that are sustainably cultivated or wildcrafted.

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