Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling (and how can it help me)?

Dry needling is a style of acupuncture that has grown popular over the last couple of decades.  It is the preferred style used by many professional athletes!

Unlike most other acupuncture techniques, Dry Needling is based on modern science and knowledge of how muscles, nerves and inflammation work.  Dry Needling directly targets your muscles to relieve pain and improve function.

I’ve heard of Trigger Points.  What are those?

Trigger Points are sensitive spots in tight bands in your muscles.  They usually form near where the nerve attaches.  They cause predictable patterns of referred pain, weakness, limited range of motion and impaired joint function.  They can also affect your coordination or balance, cause your muscle to tire quickly and recover more slowly after exercise.  Normally, Trigger Points shouldn’t be there.  Injury, stress, infections, arthritis, stress or overuse of your muscles can cause them to form.

So How Does It Work?

Stimulation of a Trigger Point causes a “twitch response.”  This “resets” the muscle.  The tight band in your muscle relaxes and starts to work normally again.  By resetting the muscle, Dry Needling relieves tension on tendons, pressure on nerves and – most importantly – reduces pain.  It also releases natural pain killers, improves circulation and has been shown to reduce inflammation in trigger points.

Can It Help Me?

Patients with many conditions may benefit.  Some of the more common conditions include headaches; knee, back, shoulder or elbow pain; tendonitis/tendonosis; restricted range of motion; plantar fasciitis; frozen shoulder; whiplash injuries; and many others.

When Can I Get Started?

You can get started as soon as possible!  No referral needed.  Contact our Acupuncture Clinic in N. Syracuse, NY at 315-935-5700 to book an appointment.  Now, if you’re looking for a soothing spa treatment with incense,  flute music and laying there with a bunch of pins in you, this is not the treatment for you.  However, if you’re looking to up your game, get out of pain and feel amazing, then you’ve come to the right place!