Sciatica is a broad term for pain radiating down the leg. Many things can cause pain to spread down the leg. Often, it is due to the nerve being irritated where it leaves your spine. Once in a while, a nerve can be pinched farther away from your spine. Referred pain from muscles that stabilize the hip and low back is another common, but often overlooked cause of radiating leg pain.

No matter what the cause, it can be excruciating, and get in the way of exercising, playing with your grandchildren or simply getting around day to day.

The good new is that most patients with sciatica respond well to the treatments we offer. When you come to our clinic Orthopedic & Sports Acupuncture, we will do a physical exam and plan a course of treatment that is specific to your case.

Call us today to find out how we can help you get back to doing the things you love.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_custom_heading text=”As a “last hope“ for my chronic pain after two spine fusions, I decided to give dry needling a try. While the journey hasn’t always been easy, I made a commitment to the treatments and am so glad I did. Matt has been great to work with; courteous and professional and he listens to my input, creating a team approach to healing. My condition has improved by at least 70% so far and I’m thankful for his knowledge and skills. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! Thanks, Matt

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